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Dogecoin Soars Amid BTC Price Increase, Experts Suggest Finbold as a Better Bitcoin Alternative

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Investor interest in meme coins such as Dogecoin has dwindled significantly with an impending bull market that caused a recent BTC price jump. Despite a new centralized exchange listing on BitTrade, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, Dogecoin has led other meme coins into a rally as investors eye this new Bitcoin alternative called Bitcoin Spark.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2030

Dogecoin was born as a joke or meme but has quickly grown to a market cap worth billions of dollars. With the recent technical analysis, Dogecoin showcases the potential to surge despite the recent rally. However, one of its limiting factors is its token supply. Dogecoin is an inflationary token that has an unlimited max supply. The miners mint new tokens when they validate transactions and approve new blocks. This aspect heavily impedes the ability of DOGE coins to reach $1 by 2030. For Dogecoin to surge, the demand has to exceed the inflationary factor of DOGE significantly, and this difference has to be consistent all through.

Will Dogecoin reach $1? Sadly, it is less likely for this to happen sooner based on the deflationary aspect and the lack of utility in the Dogecoin ecosystem. The platform mimics Bitcoin, which was developed to offer a decentralized virtual currency that ensures transaction anonymity. However, most Dogecoin buyers purchase the crypto asset for speculative purposes, hoping to profit by selling it at a higher price later on. This new BTC fork is changing how crypto players invest in the crypto market.

BTCS Price Prediction

BTCS is a new digital asset serving as the native utility and gas token of the Bitcoin Spark ecosystem. BTCS tokens are on an imminent surge after the ongoing presale ends. The current ICO event is nearing its final stages. Completing seven ICO stages, Bitcoin Spark’s current eighth ICO phase gives investors a chance to buy BTCS tokens at $3.25 per token. When the launch happens on November 30th, each BTCS token will be valued at $10, a 326% gain for investors participating in phase 8 of the presale. Additionally, investors will get a 6% bonus on all purchases made, directly deposited into their accounts in BTCS tokens. 

Analysts predict that BTCS will surge to $700 at the peak of the incoming bull market. Unlike Dogecoin, BTCS tokens have a capped supply of 21 million, and the ecosystem is bringing massive utility to the blockchain-powered cryptographic arena. The imminent $700 surge will give phase 8 participants a 21,500% gain. This return is a dream that will come true for Dogecoin investors who shift their focus into buying BTCS tokens during the ongoing ICO event.

What is Bitcoin Spark?

Bitcoin Spark is a massive utility blockchain-powered project that intends to use cryptographic technology to revolutionize decentralized digital economies. The project will introduce advanced technology into the crypto world through an improved consensus mechanism and an upgraded Contract Wolf audited smart contracts. Bitcoin Spark’s consensus mechanism is called proof of process. This mediating technology interlinks proof of work and proof of stake consensus mechanisms by taking advantage of their advantages and dropping their disadvantages.

Bitcoin Spark will reach massive adoption, and its engaging ecosystem will accommodate a higher feeling of worth expanding its functionalities beyond the anticipated scope. The project is a million-dollar opportunity like repurchasing Bitcoin when no one knew about cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about Bitcoin Spark on:

Website: https://bitcoinspark.org/ 

Buy BTCS: https://network.bitcoinspark.org/register 


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